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One Response to “I’m looking for a female slave between 20 and 40”

  1. Why women insist on wearing panties?

    As ive said i dont really like wearing them but, Sunday just gone i went to see Sir, he instructed me to wear a skirt and panties, which i thought was unusual of him but hey ho. When we got round to his apartment he stopped round the corner and he stopped the car, instructed me to remove my panties, roughly shoved them in my mouth, i was gagging honestly, told me to get out and stand across from his place, panties still in my mouth, i was made to stand there for 15 mins, legs apart slightly, whilst he watched me from his flat and i was waiting for him to ring me on my mobile to order me upstairs, the amount of people that walked past me was unreal, but the rush and the humiliation factor was amazing, little things like that stick in your mind…..


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